Interview with Toni Mount

I’ve decided to try my hand at interviewing people. My first guest is Toni Mount, a respected historian who has branched into the world of medieval thrillers. She’s currently promoting The Colour of Betrayal. The fourth story in her Sebastian Foxley mystery series. I’ll give more information on both her and her book after the interview, but for now, on with the questions. 1. Authors […]

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That smell

It was the smell. When I moved into the parsonage, I didn’t even notice the chimney. It was kitty-corner to my property, on a plain building on the next street over. For years, I never saw any smoke, never smelled anything, rarely saw anyone around the building.You probably wouldn’t have paid any attention to it either. It was just another building on another street in […]

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Getting my Twitter game going

For most authors self promotion is part of the game. Twitter is currently one of the best vehicles for that, so as a recently-published author I’ve been trying to get my Twitter game up to speed. I’ve managed to triple my number of followers in the last month, so I think I might be starting to figure it out. For many of us, one of […]

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