St. Louis Cemetery #1


Much to my dismay, when I went to the cemetery today, I found it guarded: they are only letting people in if they are accompanied by a licensed tour guide. I thought about asking what it would take to get my license. Then I left in frustration. I love St Louis #1, it is one of my favorite places. I find it peaceful, and I have never grown tired of taking pictures there.

Fortunately, because I already have so many pictures from there, I can still show them here.

This photo, for example, is what might be the tomb of Marie Laveau. I say might be, because nobody is really certain if she is interred here, or if her daughter (who was a dead ringer for her, no pun intended) is interred here, or both. She might also be somewhere in St Louis cemetery #2, or, for all I know, still walking around somewhere.

This is one of the most famous tombs in the cemetery, and Marie Laveau is one of the most famous citizens of New Orleans. She was the Voodoo queen, and a great many people still hold her in great esteem today, despite it being well more than a hundred years since her death.

Her tomb is featured prominently in The Whisper Garden, so when you read the book, feel free to use this image as a visual reference for several important scenes.

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